Blogging and the NFL

It’s football season!

Wait. Did you really hear me?! I said, “It’s Football Season!”

Call me crazy but I’ve been waiting for last weekend since, well, February 3rd. College basketball helped to tide me over for a while but that ended in March. Since then I have been subject to a mishmash of unappetizing thirds. I’ve tried to fill that void with baseball (yawn), tennis (too much grunting), golf (gag!), soccer (not bad, although infinitely better in person), and the NHL (meh). The Little League World Series helped for a quick minute, but oh man, am I glad football season has started!!

Image      VS.     Image

Back to the title…what do blogging and the NFL have in common, you ask?

  1. There are just about as many blog sites as NFL teams.
  2. Teams have different strengths and weaknesses, and some are just plain better than others.
  3. Even though you may like a particular team, you usually have a favorite player/writer or two or five.
  4. Some players’ jobs are to hold the line, to write about tough subjects and provide sound information on different topics. Others run a funky route and twist, turn, wriggle, and rabbit trail to get to their point. The QB types just say it like it is and hopefully facilitate a score.
  5. Almost everybody (except the butt-hurt other team) celebrates a spectacular play or well-written prose.
  6. Sometimes, if you play well enough, you become a celebrity.

Let me just say that I’m not hoping to become a celebrity. Oh no, I have no such aspirations. Rather, I am a believer that everyone has a story and the combination, the intricate weaving of our stories, the plays, is what makes our history. I’m interested in your stories, your life. I want to understand different viewpoints, to learn from your experiences (which I’ve learned generally means mistakes!), and to share life.

So my story is probably going to look more like a wide receiver’s route. I have no particular agenda. You’ll hear about my life as a wife, a nurse, a step-mom to 11- and 13-year-old girls, a smushy-faced cat owner, a person recovering from domestic violence, and a few other labels that will have to be identified at a later date.

Read ya around!


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