Thursday Morning Bliss

It’s 0830 where I live. Grey clouds cover the sun, but no rain falls. Mylo Xyloto plays from my laptop. And I am still in my pajamas, under the covers. Starbucks’ Sumatra roast and a cinnamon roll sit on my bedside table.

Ahhhhhhh, the life of a nurse. I bust my A on the days I work, but my days off are great: I lounge while the rest of the world is working.

There is something haunting but magical about this time of year in Seattle. The relatively hot and humid summer fades quickly as the clouds roll in to blanket us until April. Every day but today I loathe the disappearance of the sun. I know it will peek through every now and then, but not often enough.

Transportation-sailboat tranquility

Near Mt. Rainier

Making up for the bright, happy-yellow shining down is the lush green richness of tree and bush. More often than not, every leaf, needle, branch is crowded with drops of liquid life. While the rain may not fall, the humidity clings to everything. At times it seems to cling to my very bones.

Talk to me in February and I will be singing a different tune. The turning leaves will have fallen and the mysterious shrouding clouds will be old news. But today, the leaves have begun their dance on the color palette, yesterday’s rain has freshened the air, and I am ready for autumn.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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