Seattle Like a Local: Clarke Beach

For all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve never explored Mercer Island. This weekend was so beautiful that I couldn’t stay inside and decided to take that mysterious exit to East Mercer Island Way.

First of all, I was disappointed I didn’t get to see the mind-blowing, ginormous homes that I’d imagined. I actually felt like I was lost in the middle of the woods…except I knew I was on an island right between Seattle and the Eastside metropolis. Second, I got nauseated driving that windy road so beware! Third, the best part of this park was an adorable pup named Koda. I think that’s how his/her name is spelled…at least that’s what the owner kept hollering as s/he snuggled up and licked my hand. Aww!

Clarke Beach was beautiful. The trail down (steeply down) to the beach area is paved. A twin trail on the other side appears to be in repair(?). And don’t be misled, there’s really not much of a beach. But there are a couple docks, a swimming area, and a beautiful partial view of Mt. Rainier on a clear day. There were picnic tables near the top of the trail (for the fragile knees and hips) and at the bottom, along with bathrooms/changing rooms.

Here are a few pics. I was loving this fall weather!


Upper picnic area


Swimming area and some beautiful blue!


Fishing off the dock, Mt. Rainier (way) in the background.


Last blooms of the season


Giant majesty


Leafy filter

This post is meant to be a guide to visitors and locals alike.

I love finding new spots in the city and want to share them with others! Enjoy! ~Noël


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