Keeping Tums in business

My husband is in the car biz. He’s not some scuzzy used-car guy! He loves the challenge of what he does: finding a person a car they really love, getting the bank to buy the loan, and making a profit for the company. Problem is he loves cars. It’s like being an alcoholic bar tender. Bad news. In the past 1 1/2 years I’ve seen him driving four cars: Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Hyundai Azera, and an Equus. I mean, really? Four?? I come from the country. We drive cars and trucks until they die. In fact, my dad has a 1975 F-350 that still runs. He even tried to teach me to drive that beast in high school but that’s another story. What I’m trying to get at is I’m used to having a car for a really long time.

Who knew cars could cause marital culture shock?!

So lately (as in the past month or so) he’s wanted a truck, an F-150. Unfortunately that’s been my go-to, dream truck since I was in grade school and playing M.A.S.H.! Remember that game where you put down how many kids, what kind of vehicle, boys you were crushing on and then luck would pick your future? I loved that game! But seriously, one of my choices was always the F-150. He knows this and so saying no has been hard. But Seattle = limited parking and small spaces. Big trucks are a stupid choice. So I say no.

Well, he’s come up with another ploy…get me into a new car. I’ve had my little ’07 Hyundai Santa Fe for a year now and love the thing. But it had problems this summer (aka dying on the side of the freeway during a 300+ mile trip) and weird lights still come on every now and again. That along with the fact that I got a S APR has led Brandon to go on the hunt for a mid-sized SUV for me.

The thing is, talking about cars stresses me out. The blood rushes to my head and I can hear the hummmm of my arteries, I get short of breath, heartburn sets in, I become anxious, snappy, and feel like I’m gonna freak out.

So tonight he called me, “Hey babe, I want you to come down and check out this Escape. We just got it today and it’s really beautiful.”

“Now? It’s rush hour. Can I come later? Or tomorrow?”

He sounded a little bummed but pressed on, “Yeah. Or I can just bring it home…but I really wanted you to see it in the light. The color is Sunset and it’s this red-orange. I think you’ll like it!”

He texted me a picture of the color (yes, it was pretty) and the interior. And then about 50 more texts about all the options. We may have hit a snafu because I kind of want navigation (if I’m going to get a better car for less money, why not get nav?) but they don’t have the color with nav. Oi.

So now he’s on a hunt for the perfect car for me. And it’s all because I caved a little and didn’t flat out say no. *sigh* I’ll have a Tums now.


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