A Perfect Moment

We were lying in bed last night, playing on our phones. We do that–just lay there and read or play next to each other and never say a word.

I felt his eyes on me. “What?!”

“What word would you use to describe our relationship right now?”

I wasn’t expecting such a serious question. The phone went on the bedside table. I thought for a moment. “Respect. I think that describes where we are right now.”

Then he started talking about us. I listened as he told me how much he appreciated our friendship before we went out, how things were electric when we first dated, how we transitioned to a building period, how love grew, and how he sees us now in a place of compassion for each other. We have both had tough periods in our past–things that continue to haunt us at times. Yes, we have definitely had to have loving compassion for one another a fair amount lately.

He went on to tell me how lucky he felt to have found me and how he needed to tell me this. “I know I tell you that I love you every day. And I tell you how beautiful you are every day. But I haven’t done as good a job reminding you how lucky I am to have you.”

My heart swelled as I realized how raw and genuine of a moment we were having, that my husband was creating.

The night clouds illuminated by the city shone onto our bed from the vaulted window. The air had that tinge of autumn chill but my soul was warm. This was my perfect moment.



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