Melting My Heart

We have the younger of the two girls this weekend. I missed seeing the girls on their last weekend with us so I was ready for some stepmom time! My heart has gone Awwww! several times so far.

  1. Friday night after dinner when she grabbed my arm and held tight as we walked back to the car with her dad.
  2. Yesterday morning when I got her normally stick-straight hair to curl using a flat iron (thanks to my girlfriend, Darcie, for the tip) she gave me a squeeze and said, “Thanks, Noël!”
  3. Yesterday afternoon at the mall when she slipped her hand into mine and walked, unashamed through the hustle and bustle.
  4. Yesterday afternoon, checking out at Justice (tweens clothing store) after a lengthy session in the dressing rooms–me with my face in the corner, undoing the next bra for her to try on while she struggled getting them on, then talking about what makes a good bra fit well–with two new bras. She gave me a big hug and said quietly, “Thanks for taking care of me.” This after I know most of the shopping at her other home is done at Goodwill…but who wants to buy a bra at Goodwill??
  5. Yesterday evening after dinner–beef stew–which we made together in the morning. Neither of us liked it that much and I was bummed out, feeling not-so-step-mommy/domestic goddess-y. She salvaged my pride by saying, “That’s really too bad. I thought I’d like it because I liked all the ingredients! But you did a good job! Maybe Dad will like it.” (and he did)
  6. Yesterday at bedtime when I came in to kiss her goodnight, I found this:


    Jade and George Burns. “Don’t move, Burnsie, so I can sketch you!” And he didn’t.

Oh yes, my heart is full of melty-goodness, like those Lindt chocolate truffle balls.


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