A Trip to the Store: Non-Regional Diction

We live in a rough but diverse area. Since I ride the bus to and from work I’ve picked up on the local slang.

This was me going to the store for an ovulation predictor test:

So me an’ my boo is tryin’ ta get knocked up. We been tryin’ fo’ a while but nuthin’. So I heard ’bout this tes’ from somma mah girls whos tryin’ ta get knocked up too. Las’ week I had ta go to da sto’ an’ I thought, ‘Maybe I should get this tes’ while I’s there.’ Drove up and there’s mad people e’rywhere. I almos’ lef’ ’cause I couldn’t hardly fin’ a parkin’ spot. But I got one. Finally got inta da sto’ an’ did mah otha shoppin’ but I couldn’t finds the D tes’. Af’er walkin’ around, I finally found the aisle but there was no tes’! Bro, I hadta look twice! They papa-stoppas and those tes’ ah locked up but pre’nancy tes’ aren’t? Fo’ real?! I hadta go ax some sto’ clerk to unlock the cab’net. It’as embarrassing waitin’ in that aisle nex’ ta aah-dult diapas and S. Took the girl like ten minutes to figga out dat lock. But I gots mah tes’. We’see if it works.

ovulation test



10 thoughts on “A Trip to the Store: Non-Regional Diction

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