5K–What Did I Agree To??

Okay, I’ve been away a while. Sorry. I just haven’t felt like writing. Or doing photography. Or much of anything. Yep, the Seattle winter blahs have struck again.

But my friend asked last week if I’d join her in running a 5K in March and my efforts to train my very out-of-shape body have humored me and I hope they’ll humor you. I’ll just say the only two things motivating me are her and, well, most of all, it’s the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15/5K. She had me at the word “chocolate”. And let’s be clear. I’m doing the 5K. No need to go overboard.

Thursday was my first day getting off the couch and trying anything that resembled running in about two years. Whew. I think the ducks waddled away from me faster than I could run as I hit the trail by the Cedar River. Lucky ducks. My only consolation was that most everyone I saw were elderly or looking like they were trying to make good on their New Year’s Resolutions. No Olympians were out. Double whew.

I think I went about 3.5 miles. Most of that was walking briskly or walking panting.

Yesterday I had my iPod cranked up and I went about 4 miles. Less walking this time. I warmed up for about a mile, then started running 3 minutes and walking 3-5 minutes. On I went past couples old and young, kids on scooters, tiny yappy dogs and one big mountain of white fluff. I ran past an escaped shiba inu whose owner was in hot pursuit. Past homeless folks and bikers taking a rest, past the motley crew loitering near the library, and the kids, young and old, at the skate park. Past the Boeing plant where giant airliners awaited the workers’ return on Monday and an airstrip where little Cessnas kept taking off and touching down, past the river which was swollen and fast, under the Interstate listening to cars whizz by overhead, down the path breathing the smell of freshly laid wood chips and evergreen.

I was actually beginning to enjoy myself by the end. Hopefully I continue to feel that way because I have a loonnnnnggggggg way to go before I’ll ever be able to run 3.1 miles at a whack.

Fav track: B.o.B. featuring Lil Wayne “Strange Clouds”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g1CgvXhCo4



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