Week Two: Couch to 5K

This week started…wrong…

On Sunday I needed to walk 3-5 miles. I also was the sole parental unit in charge of my step-girls that day. I thought I’d combine my walk with my girls which seems pretty practical, right? Well…I hadn’t thought about how infrequently we do physically demanding things. I hadn’t thought that my “normal” speed was probably hyper-speed to them. And I hadn’t figured the time correctly.

What started as a “let’s take a long walk to the library, print off your homework stuff, head back, then meet your mom for pick up” turned into a gritty death march, I swear that’s what it felt like. We had to take a break after a half mile. Seriously?! Okay, so it was a quick one and we set out again. For a while the older one, Mae, was lagging behind but I kept going. I knew when she ran to catch up that they weren’t truly dying. But I still felt like a dictator on a rampage. “We need to go faster! It’s (library) just up here! Come on, you can do it! We gotta move!”

The way back was worse. The wind was in our faces and it was getting cold. It was just all sorts of horrible but we finally made it back to the car, raced home, didn’t pee because we were late and I have a nurse’s bladder, right??, raced to the meeting spot…and found out their mom thought we were meeting an hour later. Awesome. My bladder was tested to the max!

The following three days were busts. I worked late Monday, went out with my work pals Tuesday, and had the best of intentions to go Wednesday, a day off. Butttttt, it was raining like crazy, I had doctor appointments all morning, and I was so tired. In fact, I ended up sleeping for about 5 hours in the afternoon which is super weird. And so not productive with this C25K thing.

Thursday was better-ish. I walked about a mile, then set off to do some run 5/walk 5. I’ll be honest, the first run 5 was more like 3.5. The second was a full 5 minutes but I nearly puked at the end. I improved with time as usual but still felt pretty crappy.

Friday was off since I worked. I mean, I’m up by 6am and home by 8pm and have no desire to fit anything else into my day. I’m not hard-core yet. Can you blame me? Plus my legs needed to stop being pissed at me for Thursday. My knee began to hurt so bad that a biohazard bag (from work–what?? It’s a handy size!) full of ice was employed. Also, I discovered a word which perfectly describes my athletic abilities: the wog. Yup, not a run but a jog and barely more than a walk. Perfect. Thank you, dear coworker!

For the last day of the week, I determined that I must run after work. Fortunately I got off by 4pm and managed to get in 4 miles before it got too dark and creepy. See that’s the bad thing about not owning a treadmill or belonging to a gym: you have to take trails and streets. Usually I would find this much more exciting and imaginative than running like a hamster on a revolving rubber mat; however, although my town is up and coming…it’s still considered a somewhat sketchy neighborhood. The last thing I want is to be dog-tired after a long wog and have some weirdo come try to kidnap or assault me. I’d have no energy to get away and thus would become the headliner for tomorrow night’s 5pm news. No thanks. Anyhow, I only got 5 of 7 run 3/walk 3 in before quitting time, but I’ll make it up…

Fav track: “‘Til I Collapse” by Eminem (appropriate, no?)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keMqOCQlfX8


2 thoughts on “Week Two: Couch to 5K

  1. Someone told me once that after a few months that the running gets “easier” …. uhmmm, I’m not there yet … but as I keep at it I can almost sense that it SHOULD be visible on the horizon … maybe … we’ll see.

    As for you, keep going … if I can’t get to the happy run place, maybe you can … then I can live vicariously though someone else 🙂

    (And … I just saw something in an ad about the Seattle Choco 5K … my wife and I briefly contemplated it.)

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