My City Has Gone Crazy

“Sea–HAWKS! Sea–HAWKS! Sea–HAWKS!” That’s all I hear.

Blue and lime green. That’s all I see.

The Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl and this city has gone wild. The celebration parade was today and my trip downtown took nearly twice as long as it usually does in morning rush. It was stop and go from the 405/I90 interchange all the way into Seattle. Even the commuter lanes were crawling along with people hanging out of cars, waving flags, honking, shouting. Even a 12th Man decorated 737 airliner did a fly-over the city.

The city expected 300,000-500,000 people for the parade that started near the Space Needle and ended at the CLink. I hear they’re estimating 700,000+ and I wouldn’t doubt it. The 12th man was out in force.

I wish I could enjoy this moment more. Yes, I love my city. But I’m a Saints fan. And we lost not once but twice to this Seahawks team. So although I love the feeling of good-will and unity, I’m a little bummed and sitting like a pouting child safe on my couch while the rest of the city goes crazy.


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