Week 5: Couch to 5K

It started out with a crazy, gusty, driving rain run. Tarah and I went to Discovery Park late last Sunday despite the weather. We smooshed and sloshed over the mostly dirt trails. And although we only went about 2 miles, there was a lot of hill-work that just killed my lungs and my butt. It was great, even when the entire right side of my body was numb from the blasting rain! I wish the day would have been clearer as I assume the view across Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains would have been spectacular. As it were, we joked a bit about Seattle’s true 50 Shades of Grey–the clouds, fog and rain!

I also realized that only three types of people would be out on a day like Sunday. 1. The people who started out in nice weather and got caught in the storm (aka the guy pushing the stroller plus soaked baby as fast as possible back to the car). 2. Masochists. 3. People on a running schedule (aka Tarah and me who wouldn’t have been out if our deadline wasn’t soon approaching).

Monday and Tuesday allowed my core body temp to warm up and my muscles to cool down. I was a little worried that my left hip was bothering me on the hike down to the bus after work each day, but pushed that to the back of my mind.

Wednesday was another hurdle: run 20min, walk 5, run 20, cool down. Could I do it? Why yes, in fact, I could and felt like I had a little steam left over! Amazing!! I felt so great after this run. I seriously could not stop talking. My husband (he also had the day off) just looked at me in amazement. I mean, normally I have a few (!) things to say but after the run I had serious verbal diarrhea. And most of it was happy happy happy! The only unhappy thing was that while my right leg which is normally pained with IT band tightness felt light as air while my left leg felt heavy. Oh well. We went for our couple’s massage and ahhhhhh! That’s all I have to say.

Thursday was another work/rest day for me. I was noticing that my left leg was tight again. Grrr.

Tarah and I met up again on Friday and did a run 15min, walk 5, run 15, cool down. It was one of the hardest workouts I’ve had yet! That darn left hip would not let me get in sync and my right knee began to ache, probably because I was trying to compensate. The worst part was I could not get in a rhythm. My legs were off, my breathing was off, my music sucked. What a drag! Thankfully we ended up walking a lot more to cool off. Still, by the end of our 4.5 miles I definitely had no exercise high and thoughts of entering other races were mentally scowled at.

This weekend I had my step-girls. I planned to meet Tarah in Seattle on Saturday to walk part of the race course. I figured I should check out the elevation drops and gains since the race is only about a week away! Unfortunately, she wasn’t feeling well and took a day to rest, plus my oldest step-daughter had boat loads of homework to do. Also my stupid left hip was still bothering me. So I was Aleve-ing and stretching and trying to figure out linear vs non-linear graphs and other useless math problems whilst NOT running or walking. My only real accomplishment Saturday was learning to ride Mae’s longboard through our gated community without running into anything. Well, maybe a curb or two, but nothing of consequence!

And my running track this week is: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Maybe it wasn’t my theme song Friday, but it makes me smile every time I hear it.


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