Seattle Hot Chocolate 5K!

I made it! I made it through training and I made it through the race. Seriously, you have no idea how monumental of an event this is. My bucket list can now have the “Enter AND finish a race” goal checked off.

I started, barely able to run for two minutes without feeling like I was going to die. My max time has been 20 minutes of solid jogging but I’m going to keep working on that. Other positives are a great new pair of shoes and the fact that I am happy to actually get out and get moving. A mile walk to the store? No biggie. And I feel good.

But today was race day.


George Burns

I woke up at o’darkhundred hours and dressed/stretched/felt eerily awake and cheerful. My sweet husband volunteered to come with me as support despite the fact that he did not have to be to work until 1100. He, usually the morning person, was super trouchy (tired+grouchy) and nearly kicked the cat. How can you stay mad for long at this smushy little face?

Anyways, off we drove to Seattle Center, found parking, found Tarah, took pics, huddled amongst the masses of runners, braved a little breezy mist (what would a run with Tarah without rain be?) and finally WENT! My legs & lungs settled into a good rhythm as we pulled around the turn on Western Ave. Tarah & I managed to run until entering the Battery Street Tunnel. After a walk “until the next emergency exit”, we picked it up again and before I knew it, the 2 mile marker sign was up ahead. I didn’t even see the 1 mile sign…hmmm… About halfway up the Mercer Street hill, we mutually decided to walk “until the stoplight”. I swear, my legs didn’t want to pick up again, but we were so close to the end! I’ll admit, we did do another short walk before we pushed up the last hill, “restarting by the big umbrella” on to the finish.

I could see my hubby at the finish snapping photos of us. He was so sweet coming out in his work clothes to cheer us on and hold all our stuff! What a trooper. I think the best part of everything was him telling me how proud he was of me for setting my mind to a goal and sticking with it.

I am proud of myself as well. And I’m looking forward to my next run and my next race.


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