Week 6: Couch to 5K

This week started with a run on Sunday. I was caring for my step-daughters so we all headed out to Alki Beach. One was on her long board and the other on her roller blades. As usual, I hadn’t thought about how unconditioned they might be and poor Jade was quite the beginner on those blades. So, as all beginners, she expended much more energy than might have normally been spent as she tried to stay upright and moving forward.

We met my friend, Tarah, there and devised a “walk with Jade, then she’ll rest with her sister while us big girls run ahead and back”. It kind of cramped my plans for doing a run 25min/walk 5, repeat once BUT I got lots of repetitions with faster times. So it wasn’t horrid. And the girls probably got about 2 miles of exercise in which is WAY more than usual. Yay for us!


Look hard–you can see the snowy mountains behind me!

I rested aka worked for the next two days. Fortunately my job is pretty active. I wear a pedometer and have been averaging between 4,000-8,000 steps or 2-4 miles per day, depending on which section of the infusion center I’m working in. Not to shabby for my rest days!


The jolly green giant.

Wednesday was absolutely gorgeous. And warmish. So Tarah and I savored the ONLY run we’ve done together where it’s not been raining. We did the Discovery Park Loop Trail which is beautiful and hilly. At times I felt like my breath was taken away by the scenery (or maybe that was just the hill climb). We could see all the way down to Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains were snow-capped and lovely. The loop is about 2.8 miles; however, our route to getting in and out of the park makes it about 3.1 which is perfect!

We also set a joint goal of being able to run that thing non-stop by the end of summer.

My only complaint was of that left hip. It continued to nag me. In fact, I was having trouble lifting my leg high enough to flush the toilet at work which is simply ridiculous. After a couple more days of rest, heat, and plenty of Aleve it was feeling much better.

After work on Saturday I ran/walked through downtown Seattle to pick up my race swag and check in. Now, I love my city. But running through it was even more exhilarating than the usual stroll! I may have to repeat that route… And it was a good 4 miles or so.

The song of the week? Although it drives my younger step-daughter crazy, it puts a smile on my face:


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