You May Be Obsessed When…

I hate it when my husband is right because it usually means I’m wrong. For instance, two weeks ago on the evening after my 5K I went for a little jog. Brandon told me afterwards that I was obsessed with running. Pshhh! Of course not! The whole running thing was a love-hate relationship, not an obsession!

Well…he won. Today (during a quick run) I made a list in my mind. I call it the “You may be obsessed with jogging/running when…”:

  • walking feels awfully slow (and a bit inefficient)
  • the majority of your latest iTunes downloads go into the “Running” playlist
  • feeling your feet hitting the pavement feels sooo good
  • you start making mental (or actual) lists of trails and roads you want to run
  • you expend a lot of energy trying to get other people excited about running with you, so much so that you feel like a puppy “Wanna come? Hey! Wanna come?! It’s gonna be so fun!!”
  • 1 mile goes by so…quickly
  • you feel like you HAVE TO get a run in or you may kill somebody (well, not really, but you understand…right?)
  • you circle all the races you want to enter this year and realize your calendar is ridiculously full of racing events
  • foot rubs never felt so amazing
  • you research ways to improve your performance
  • you decide to walk three miles to the park and ride instead of waiting 26 minutes for the next bus
  • a little rain against your skin actually feels pretty good
  • you find “inconspicuous” ways of stretching your calves/hammys/glutes/quads at work by dropping things strategically and then sllllooowwllllyyyyy retrieving them
  • sports stores suddenly have some strange appeal
  • that feeling afterwards is worth all the little aches and pains
  • you realize all your blog posts in the past two months have been about discovering you can run and you may (really) like it

I guess it’s not so bad letting my husband be right every now and then. And there are definitely worse things to be obsessed over.


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