I’ve always loved writing. After a recent move, I came across stories penned in the scrawl of a 3rd-grader and giggled at the less-than-plausible story line. I used to have grand ideas of adventure and drama. Nowadays, I have decided to use the pen (or my keyboard) to write about real life which I’ve found contains plenty of adventure and definitely enough drama.

I can’t choose just “one thing” to soapbox on. I have a few. So get ready.

Mostly though, I want to bring my perspective to the table. You don’t have to agree with me. We’d be so boring and one-dimensional if we all thought the same way! I’m hopeful that my stories can cause a laugh or two, give you a reason to pause and think, or just inspire better living.

Fair warning **I am a nurse. I have no filter when it comes to gross stories/parts/bodily functions. You may be occasionally grossed out.**

The main players: Me, my husband: Brandon, The Girls:  Mae & Jade (not their real names), and the cat: George Burns aka Burnsie.

The locale:  We live in the Seattle-area. You may hear me refer to “Seattle” which in my world includes about a 20 mile radius from the actual city. It’s just easier that way. I know, I know, it’s not correct (all you stuck up Seattleites!) but people from more than 20 miles away don’t give a flying F  about who is a true Seattleite. Plus you don’t need to know where I actually live. Weirdo. 🙂

The content: My journey into adulthood *dun dun duunnnnnn*! Learning to be a wife, a step-mom, a decent cook, a better nurse, a grown only child, a geek who is okay with herself, a commuter, a person with a voice, a suburb-dweller, a survivor of DV, an encouraging friend, a knitter, an extrovert. Having somewhat mastered loving food, reading a lot of books that don’t really matter but make my imagination soar, photography, travelling, getting my hands dirty with hard work, making and experiencing music.


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